RHR Youth Program

Welcome, Young Operators!

Expand your passion for amateur radio on RemoteHamRadio! Enter our monthly drawing for a chance to earn a free one-year subscription, which includes 300 minutes of operating time per month.

So you want to join our awesome youth program?!

To apply, you must…

– Be 25 years old or younger
– Hold a General class or higher license
– Be a member of the ARRL
– Have an interest or experience in DXing/Contesting
– Tell us why RHR would be a good fit for you

Please only enter one time. We will keep your application in the pool of applications for following monthly drawings.

For Educators

What are our goals?

1. Create a sponsorship program in which each month we select a student and instantly provide them access to some of the best stations in the world. Along with this access, these students will be able to meet and learn from some of the most experienced operators around.

2. Work with schools, universities, and radio research projects to leverage RHR remote technologies by enabling direct access for students.

3. Build an Education Network comprised of high school and university radio stations that will allow unlimited access for students around the world.

Award Recipients