The Stations



13+ Stations up to 500 W

The RemoteDX stations feature:
Featuring rotatable beam antennas (e.g. Yagis), and wires on the low bands
Operate using your browser
Beautiful Panadapter
No hardware or software required
Connect with Flex Maestro (optional)
Connect with your iPhone/iPad
Optional 100% anonymous operation
Integrated DX cluster
Chat with other members (optional)
Reserve stations for contests
Get on the air today!



25+ Stations up to 1,500 W

All the benefits of RemoteDX, plus:
Stations featuring large antenna stacks and phased arrays (e.g. four-squares)
Pre-purchase bulk airtime at a discount
Reserve stations for contests at a discount
Access to radio subreceivers

Youth Network


3+ Stations up to 1,500 W

The Youth Stations feature:
300 minutes of operating time per month.