Youth Network


Young Operators!

Expand your passion for amateur radio on RemoteHamRadio!
UNLIMITED access to a growing dedicated Youth Network of stations.
We are hard at work building stations so you can spend more time working DX!

Youth Form

To apply, you must…

  • Be 25 years old or younger ( must provide proof of age )
  • Provide us a valid copy of your FCC license
  • Join RHR youth discord
  • Have a passion to get on the air and work some DX!

Youth Stations

The following stations are available to Youth Members only:


This station was donated by a youth member for youth members. They have offered the ability for anyone on the youth network to use their station to share in the fun of dxing. The station features a 10-80m 1/4 wave vertical with a Flex Radio. Which makes it a perfect candidate in our youth network roster.

FLEX-6400 & Palstar HF-Auto tuner
10-80m 1/4 Wave Vertical


FLEX-6300 & Auto tuner

80m: Dipole @ 50′
40/30/15/6m: Dipole @ 70′
20/17/12/10m: Delta Loop @ 60′


Welcome to Europe's first dedicated youth station!

Located in the north west corner of Croatia along the Adriatic Sea in the beautiful village of Buje.

Perched in the beautiful northwest corner of Croatia in the village of Buje, this station is located at a commercial tower site with stunning drop-offs in all directions. Looking due west, the Adriatic Sea is only 8km away!

The donors who made this possible:

  • RHR donated the FlexRadio FLEX-6400, miscellaneous equipment, and the youth console
  • Richard 9A1TT donated his time, Internet service, equipment, and he scouted and installed the station
  • OIV donated electricity, site location, antenna, and installation time/support

The antenna is a commercial Diamond vertical with four 52m elements.

  • Flex 6400
  • 100W
  • High Elevation
  • Vertical Commercial Antenna
  • 6-160m

This new station exists for the promotion and access to Amateur Radio Youths Worldwide.