What is RemoteHamRadio?


Amateurs everywhere now have the ability to experience this exciting hobby like never before. With a  monumental amount of research, engineering, and planning we have made the best remote operating experience on the internet today.

Just sign-up and gain instant access to stations all over the globe! You’re just a spin of the VFO or the click of a mouse from your next QSO.

Easy to use
FLex Radio
EVEN Digital
No software
+25 Stations
& Growing
Start OPERATing 


When we started RemoteHamRadio we understood one very important factor, not everyone is a “computer expert”.

That’s why we put so much effort into making the RHR console incredibly easy to use without sacrificing the full radio experience with features including RF gain, transmit filters, audio control, and more.

Plus we provide a beautiful waterfall panadater giving you the ability to scope out the whole band in a instant.


Having the most powerful radio on the market for remote operation is key to a great experience. That’s why we are partnered with FlexRadio, one of the top radio manufacturers in the world.

RemoteHamRadio’s cutting-edge software and FlexRadio’s new-age radio hardware really makes for true operating harmony.


Operate FT8 directly from your web browser, just power on a station and start DX’ing. Operating FT8 has never been easier.

No additional software is needed!

Even More Features

We provide everything you need all in one place!
Full amp control

Choose the power level you connect at so you can pick the right level for you.

No amp limitations, You can have full access to the amp meaning using full/half/or standby power.

Putting the power in your hands!

Operate your way

No need for software or apps! Our web-based console approach provides the flexibility to use the console on any device running a compatible web browser. 

(Chrome, Edge, or Safari)

Built-in logbook

With a built-in logger never miss or forget that next contact. Plus because it’s built inside the RHR console you’ll have your logbook anywhere you have web access.

Contest resverations 

Have you ever wanted to operate a major contest but just don’t have a station big enough to compete? Well with RHR we can help you with that.

*Discounted Rates for members

World Class Stations

An always growing arsenal of stations… from stacks on rotating towers, 4 squares and dipoles in trees.


13+ Stations up to 500 W

Get on the air in seconds! Operate for as little as $0.09/min. Connect to our stations with a Flex Maestro, or use cutting-edge remote technology directly in your browser. There is no plugin, no required download, and no clunky software.


25+ Stations up to 1,500 W

The flagship PremiumDX subscription gives you access to ALL the “big gun” stations on the RemoteHamRadio network. Operate powerhouse four-squares on the low bands and big Yagi stacks on the high bands – all at QRO power.

Youth Network

5+ Stations up to 1,500 W

Expand your passion with the magic of amateur radio! As a RHR youth member you will have UNLIMITED  access to a growing dedicated Youth Network of stations. We are hard at work adding stations so you can spend more time exploring and learning about this wonderful hobby. 

Add My Station

RemoteHamRadio wants to put your station on the youth network! Have you ever said to yourself “I wish I could share my station when its not in use” well now you can. The more stations we have on the network the more youth members we can accept. When you donate your station to the RHR Youth Network, we will start the process to integrate the world renowned RHR technology into your personal station.

Our Pricing Plans

A plan for everyone, choose a plan and start operating!!


13+ Stations up to 500 W

$ 20

/ monthly

+ Airtime

$ 99

/ Yearly

+ Airtime

The RemoteDX stations feature:

Rotatable beam antennas (e.g. Yagis)

Operate using your browser

Beautiful Panadapter

No hardware or software required

Connect with Flex Maestro (optional)

Connect with your iPhone/iPad Optional

100% anonymous operation

Integrated DX cluster

Chat with other members (optional)

Reserve stations for contests

full access


25+ Stations up to 1,500 W

$ 999

/ Yearly

+  Airtime

All the benefits of RemoteDX, plus:

Large antenna stacks and phased arrays (e.g. four-squares)

Reserve stations for contests at a discount

QRO Power up to 1500w

Access to 8/8/8/8 on 6m

Access to 7/7/7/7 on 6m

80m 4 square’s

160m 4 square’s

Unbeatable coastal stations

Youth Network

5+ Stations up to 1,500 W


+ Unlimited Airtime

The Youth stations feature:

Dedicated list of stations donated by Youths and Amateur 

Fast growing and endless possibilities

Unlimited operating time per month

“Having access to RemoteHamRadio was similar to being given the keys to a high performance sports car for an entire week. It was quite a ride!”

Steve Ford, WB8IMY – QST Editor

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