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What we are looking for: 

Why are we are looking for stations?

At RemoteHamRadio we are taking on a big issue facing the ham radio community and thats the lack of young people getting their license and being active on the air. Without a steady influx of new hams into the hobby, someday we may become extinct. That’s why at RHR we are trying to help make the process easier for these young people to be interested in this incredible hobby.

Now that we got your attention let me tell you how you can help:

RemoteHamRadio wants to put your station on the youth network! Have you ever said to yourself “I wish I could share my station when its not in use” well now you can. The more stations we have on the network the more youth members we can accept. When you donate your station to the RHR Youth Network, we will start the process to integrate the world renowned RHR technology into your personal station.

Current supported hardware for the RHR Youth Network:

FlexRadio 6000 series + PGXL

Elecraft KPA/KAT500

Elecraft KPA1500

Expert Amplifiers (all versions)

Green Heron Engineering (RT21/anywhere)

4O3A Genius Products

IdiomPress Rotor Controller

The min requirement for an RHR station is a Flex 6000 series radio with built-in ATU and a multi-band wire antenna. If your station meets these requirements then you can submit your station above for review.

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