The Stations


9 stations up to 500 W

Featuring rotatable beam antennas (e.g. Yagis), and wires on the low bands

Operate using your browser

No hardware or software required

Connect with K3 or K3/0-Mini (optional)

Connect with your iPhone/iPad

100% anonymous operation

Integrated DX cluster

Chat with other members (optional)

Reserve stations for contests

Get on the air today!

$99/yr Membership + airtime (starting at $0.09/min)



18 stations up to 1,500 W

All the benefits of RemoteDX, plus:


Stations featuring large antenna stacks and phased arrays (e.g. four-squares)
Pre-purchase bulk airtime at a discount
Reserve stations for contests at a discount
Access to radio subreceivers

$999/yr Membership + airtime (starting at $0.09/min)