Author: Bobby

W1/Calais Repairs and Upgrades

The Northeast USA was whacked by three consecutive Nor’easter storms that destroyed the M2 Rotor at the Calais site. The RHR team upgraded the site with a GXP 7L-7B with new Yaesu 2800 and installed a high gain Ubiquity dish for reliable ISP.
Here is a few action photos:


W2/Blueberry Upgrades!

The RemoteHamRadio team is happy to announce that significant upgrades on WARC and 40M have been achieved at the site. The team installed two new antennas which will provide more gain on 12/17/30/40M than the previous antennas. The new antenna models are 11-5 @ 70′ and Duo 30/40 @ 80′ from GXP Poland. To view, the upgrades click the photo album link which is in chronicle order from start to finish:



2014 WRTC Champion Chris KL9A (KM7W) operated the W1/Eastport Maine station in the 2017 ARRL DX CW contest. He apparently won the USA from the preliminary 3830 posted results operating SO/HP SO2R from his garage in Montana. His comment about the station:  Jeff Briggs VY2ZM commented about Chris KL9A operation from Maine, very interesting read:


Critter attack

Why no F/B on 160m 4SQ in Summit?


Sitting 1200’ from the shack on a 2200’ ridge sits the 4/sq in Summit. This means a long run of control cable for critters to chew.


Squirrels like control cable, we found this out in early December while doing site maintenance. Multiple splices were required to make the 160m Array happy again. Bobby KC2UPN making the repairs.


New hardware at the 6300’ mountain in Haiti. The RHR team in mid November installed two new antennas and extra batteries to the solar setup. The top antenna is beaming EU and bottom toward USA/JA. The pileup’s are endless! Be on the other side of DX or operate from the Caribbean low power in a contest and have a blast! Additional upgrades are scheduled in coming months. Stay tuned!