On the air from anywhere. Big stacks. Kilowatts of power. DX has never been closer.

  • antenna

    World-class stations

    Access multiple stations in some of the best QTHs in the world. Instantly jump across the country with the click of the mouse. Operators have access to 30 towers, over 150 antennas, and 16 stations spread across two continents. See the stations →

  • portable

    Fully portable high performance

    Operate stations with just your web browser – no hardware or software is required. Or, if you prefer a real radio, use an Elecraft K3 or K3/0-Mini. You can even use 4G cell networks when you are on the go.

  • globe

    Both coasts, and across the pond

    Instantly switch between a mountaintop in the Catskills of New York, oceanside towers on the easternmost coast of Maine, or a rotatable monobander stack in Oregon. The entire world is within your reach.

  • rig

    Remote radio done right

    Unlike other remote systems that rely on kludgy software, the universal web console works wherever you are. Best of all, it can be used on a PC, Mac, or even Linux devices like Chromebooks.

Two services to meet your needs

  • RemoteDX

    Get on the air in seconds! Operate for as little as $0.09/min. Connect to our stations with a K3, or use cutting-edge remote technology directly in your browser. There is no plugin, no download, and no clunky software.

  • PremiumDX

    The flagship PremiumDX subscription gives you access to ALL the “big gun” stations on the RemoteHamRadio network. Operate powerhouse four-squares on the low bands and big Yagi stacks on the high bands – all at QRO power.

See pricing →

  • Cutting-edge remote technology.

    RemoteHamRadio is the first service of its kind. Amateurs everywhere now have the ability to experience this exciting hobby like never before. A monumental amount of research, engineering, and planning has gone into giving operators instant access to stations all over the globe.

    Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of a giant contest station with stacks and four-squares? How about working JA’s at sunset from your east-coast QTH? With RemoteHamRadio, you can do it all with a spin of the VFO and the click of a mouse.

    See how the WebDX console works

  • RHR Console

  • Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 7.56.30 PM

  • We climb towers so you don’t have to.

    Gone forever are the costs, time, risk and headaches of maintaining your own tower.  RemoteHamRadio is like having your own private tower crew that works around the clock to keep your stations running. We provide an exceptional radio experience by designing, building, and providing access to some of the best radio real-estate in the world.

“Having access to RemoteHamRadio was similar to being given the keys to a high performance sports car for an entire week. It was quite a ride!”

– Steve Ford, WB8IMY – QST Editor