Pricing Table

A plan for everyone, choose a plan and start operating!!

Amateur Radio Operator

(Full DXing)

⊕ All FCC issued licences accepted
⊕ A callsign beginning with K, N, W, or AA through AL

Choose between RemoteDx or PremiumDX. Our RemoteDx has a yearly and monthly billing plan so multiple options that fits your operating needs. You can also track your usage live so there’s no surprises when it’s time to pay.

Youth Network

(Unlimited Airtime)

⊕ Be 25 years old or younger (must provide proof of age)
⊕ Provide us a valid copy of your FCC license

Expand your passion for amateur radio on RemoteHamRadio!
UNLIMITED access to a growing dedicated Youth Network of stations.
We are hard at work building stations so you can spend more time working DX!


$99 or $20
Yearly - Monthly

The RemoteDX stations feature:

Rotatable beam antennas (e.g. Yagis), and wires on the low bands
Operate using your browser
Beautiful Panadapter
No hardware or software required
Connect with Flex Maestro (optional)
Connect with your iPhone/iPad
Optional 100% anonymous operation
Integrated DX cluster
Chat with other members (optional)
Reserve stations for contests


$999Yearly + Airtime

All the benefits of RemoteDX, plus:

Large antenna stacks and phased arrays (e.g. four-squares)
Reserve stations for contests at a discount
Reserve stations for contests

Youth Network

Unlimited Airtime

The Youth stations feature:

Dedicated list of stations donated by Hams
Fast growing and endless possibilities
Unlimited operating time per month
Hardware varies by station but is run by our software so you get a seemless experience
Reserve stations for contests