Why did you start this service?

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Actually, the community asked for the service.

During our tower and antenna business (Hudson Valley Towers), we often received inquires from hams that asked about what options they had living in a condo and other types of restricted situations. Many of them asked if it was possible to remotely access the W2RE contest station.

In the beginning, we conversed about the fact the station was dormant 45 weeks out of the year and was only being used during major contests. This seemed like a waste. When guest operators would visit and operate, the reaction was always the same: “Wow, I have never experienced anything like this.”

Through literally thousands of hours of testing, research and investment, we have finally delivered a service that met our high standards. We also wanted to expand this experience to multiple high-end stations to allow hams to really experience exactly what it is like be sit in that operator’s chair up in the mountains.