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Any General/Advanced/Extra Class licensed U.S. Amateur Radio Operator that may like to do one or more of the following:

Operate from a HOA restricted area.
Operate from an apartment building.
Experience “running” DX from multiple locations.
Extend your DXing/Contesting Toolbox.
Open and close the bands.
Operate low bands with real antennas with practically no QRN.
Experience operating from some of the largest contest stations in the U.S and Europe.
Operate from mountaintops with big stacks.
Listen and test your station using a remote transceiver.
Operate stacks, 80m and 160m 4 squares,
Avoid expenses of a tower installation and maintaining a station.
Bring your your shack with you when you travel.
Operate stations in more than one location.
Forget about hassles and headaches!
Keep the XYL happy!