Who is RemoteHamRadio.com?

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RemoteHamRadio was founded by Ray Higgins (W2RE) and Lee Imber (WW2DX) in 2012. Before RHR, Ray and Lee owned and operated Hudson Valley towers, Inc., a tower and antenna installation and service company that built and maintained over 75 tower and antenna installations in the northeastern United States. In the commercial sector, we have done contract work for government agencies such as NASA and The Department of Homeland Security.

Ray W2RE has years of experience building, maintaining and designing winning contest stations. Lee WW2DX has experience in design, development and engineering new leading-edge network and infrastructure technology. Their team of experience has brought remote stations to the next level.

The proprietary web console was designed and developed by the RHR team, WW1X and WW2DX to provide the best remote ham experience in the world. There is simply nothing like it. Countless hours of coding, testing, design and experimentation has produced one of the most elegant operating experiences in the world.