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Troubleshooting Connection Problems

If you are experiencing connection problems (WebDX) primarily, here is a helpful list of things to check.

  1. Have your refreshed your browser or reboot your PC yet?
  2. Are you using Google Chrome?
  3. Is your Google Chrome up to date? (We have seen chrome claim that it’s up to date when in fact it was not) You can see the latest versions here:
  4. Is your Operating System supported?
  5. Have you disabled any Virus/Spyware software running on your system? You may have to add an exception for
  6. Do you have any Chrome Extensions installed in your browser? If so, disable/delete them. We have seen a number of extensions cause problems (VPN and proxy are common problematic extensions)
  7. Do you have a USB microphone connected to your PC? If you don’t, you may get an error, you can try to power on a station with “Power on (no Mic)” for testing in this case.
  8. Is your internet connection currently stable? You can check out this site:
  9. How about your bandwidth?
    2. (Great if you are on the Xfinity/Comcast network)
    3. Your local ISP may have a local speediest tool for best results.

If you pass all these tests and still have problems, please send email to

Getting Your Microphone/Speakers to Work using WebDX

The WebDX console has a built in Audio Test Tool which helps you in configuring your sound devices.




If you continue to have problems hearing the radio’s RX audio from the browser be sure to disable any Chrome Extentions that you may have enabled.

Changing Your Microphone Selection

Chrome will now remember your microphone selection and won’t ask you each time you conenct to the RHR service. If you decide to change your microhone follow these steps.

1. in Chrome go to chrome://settings/

2. Click “Advanced Settings”

4. For the DXMate for instance, you would choose “USB CODEC” under the Microphone settings.


5. Now return to the RHR console and “REFRESH” your browser page, this will reload the new microphone setting and now your new Mic will be selected.

Resetting your microphone settings

  1. In google chrome visit this page chrome://settings/

  1. Click “Show advanced settings” at the bottom.
  2. Click “Content Settings” under Privacy.
  3. Click “Manage Excepetions” under the Microphone Settings.
  4. Delete the entried in the box by clicking on the “X” at the right side when you hover the mouse over the item.

WebDX Bandwidth Requirements

RemoteHamRadio’s WebDX technology requries very little bandwidth, typically 40-200kbit/s. This translates to DSL, Cablemodem, Fiber, 3G and 4G cell networks will all work sufficiently.