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Troubleshooting Connection Problems

If you are experiencing connection problems (WebDX) primarily, here is a helpful list of things to check.

  1. Have your refreshed your browser or reboot your PC yet?
  2. Are you using Google Chrome?
  3. Is your Google Chrome up to date? (We have seen chrome claim that it’s up to date when in fact it was not) You can see the latest versions here:
  4. Is your Operating System supported?
  5. Have you disabled any Virus/Spyware software running on your system? You may have to add an exception for
  6. Do you have any Chrome Extensions installed in your browser? If so, disable/delete them. We have seen a number of extensions cause problems (VPN and proxy are common problematic extensions)
  7. Do you have a USB microphone connected to your PC? If you don’t, you may get an error, you can try to power on a station with “Power on (no Mic)” for testing in this case.
  8. Is your internet connection currently stable? You can check out this site:
  9. How about your bandwidth?
    2. (Great if you are on the Xfinity/Comcast network)
    3. Your local ISP may have a local speediest tool for best results.

If you pass all these tests and still have problems, please send email to

Supported Operating Systems

RHR supports the following operating systems.

*** Operating systems versions that are only currently supported by the vendor are supported on RHR.


Apple MacOS 10.9 and above

Microsoft Windows 7 and above


Apple iOS 10 and above

Android devices are not supported

** Some members have had success using Google Chrome on Android devices but this is not supported on RHR.

Latency Issues

If you are experiencing latency issues with your DXmate be sure to check the following:

1. CPU bound issues. Latency can be seen if your PC is consuming excessive CPU cycles. Close all programs other than chrome and the helper app and try again.

2. Be sure to have all the latest updated installed for your PC.

3. Turn off viris scanning/sypware software.