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How do I operate legally and ethically using a remote station?

Here at RHR we take operating legally and ethically very seriously. Every user is educated on the process of operating remote and what the “ethical” protocol is.

When operating from our IT9 or KH6 stations, operators are ETHICALLY and LEGALLY required to sign KH6/YOURCALL and IT9/YOURCALL.

When operating from within the U.S. we recommend the following examples. Its important to remember that the other station does NOT care where you are sitting, they only care where the TRANSMITTER is.

SSB on 6m: Operating from W7/Portland

JA1ABC this is WW2DX you are 59 OM into grid square CN85 Oregon 73!

CW on 6m:


10m-160m SSB: Operating from W1/Calais

ON4UN this is WW2DX you are 59 into Maine TU 73


ON4UN de WW2DX UR 5NN ME ME 73 . .
We also recommend that user create additional “Stations” in TQSL to properly sign each QSO from the appropriate station. This will ensure that ALL QSO’s are valid using the correct GRID, COUNTY and STATE when uploaded to LOTW.

Screenshot 2015-01-06 11.53.38

As with our contractual terms, if a user is found not to be operating LEGALLY and/or ETHICALLY, their membership will be revoked with no refund.

What are the per minute charges?

Under our RemoteDX service you can operate as little as $0.09/minute.

You can see the rates per station on the Stations page.

Who is

RemoteHamRadio was founded by Ray Higgins (W2RE) and Lee Imber (WW2DX) in 2012. Before RHR, Ray and Lee owned and operated Hudson Valley towers, Inc., a tower and antenna installation and service company that built and maintained over 75 tower and antenna installations in the northeastern United States. In the commercial sector, we have done contract work for government agencies such as NASA and The Department of Homeland Security.

Ray W2RE has years of experience building, maintaining and designing winning contest stations. Lee WW2DX has experience in design, development and engineering new leading-edge network and infrastructure technology. Their team of experience has brought remote stations to the next level.

The proprietary web console was designed and developed by the RHR team, WW1X and WW2DX to provide the best remote ham experience in the world. There is simply nothing like it. Countless hours of coding, testing, design and experimentation has produced one of the most elegant operating experiences in the world.

Is this legal?

Absolutely! We would have never invested this amount of capital if we were not 100% sure about the legality of our service.

Before we even began building the first station, we hired two of the best attorneys that specialize in this field, one of whom was a former FCC lawyer. RHR is no different than renting a station in the Caribbean or some other exotic QTH. In fact, we save you the travel hassle and give you the ability to operate on your schedule!

Why did you start this service?

Actually, the community asked for the service.

During our tower and antenna business (Hudson Valley Towers), we often received inquires from hams that asked about what options they had living in a condo and other types of restricted situations. Many of them asked if it was possible to remotely access the W2RE contest station.

In the beginning, we conversed about the fact the station was dormant 45 weeks out of the year and was only being used during major contests. This seemed like a waste. When guest operators would visit and operate, the reaction was always the same: “Wow, I have never experienced anything like this.”

Through literally thousands of hours of testing, research and investment, we have finally delivered a service that met our high standards. We also wanted to expand this experience to multiple high-end stations to allow hams to really experience exactly what it is like be sit in that operator’s chair up in the mountains.

Why should I join RHR?

To experience the thrill of operating contest-winning stations, and to take your hobby to a new level.

Do you provide technical support?

With PremiumDX, support is included to get you set up on the system and handle any questions about operating our service. If you require more in-depth training like logging software setup, there is an hourly support charge.

The RemoteDX service does not include support but can be scheduled at a rate of $75/hour.