Category: Billing

How do I Check My Usage?

1. When you are on the RHR console you will see your callsign in the top right corner. (shown below)

2. After clicking on your callsign you will have a drop down one of your options is “Usage”

3. After you click on usage it will display the exact airtime, Amount due, and which site you have spent your time on.

How Does Pre-Balance Purchase Work?

The ability to pre-purchase “balance” is only available to PremiumDX members. This allows users to get a lower per minute rate for operating.

Here is how bulk works:

$500 – $999        = 5%

$1000 – $2499    = 10%

$2500 – $4999   = 15%

$5000 – $9999   = 20%

$10,000 and up = 25%

For example, if you pre-purchase $5000.00 we will give you a balance of $6000.00.

*** Please note that membership fees cannot be deducted from this balance.

How is Usage Billed?

Usage is defined as the following:

The second the radio is powered on until the second the radio is powered off.

There are no “minimums” You are simply billed for what you use.