The RHR team in the month of June started the process of building the first 6M […]
The RHR team made repairs to a broken Force 12 2EL 40M antenna at the W2/Blueberry […]
Just a K3/0-mini plugged directly into any PC! Eliminating the RRC (remoterig) makes this a very […]
Nate N4YDU a 2014 and future 2018 WRTC competitor operated the W1/Eastport Maine station from his […]
The RemoteHamRadio Team had a visit from three radio amateurs in late May for a tour […]
Hurricane Matthew took out the island of Haiti on October 9, 2016. It took several months […]
We are located at 54 East Main St. Pawling, NY. We are open 9am – 4pm. […]
The RHR team is very happy to announce from preliminary 3830 results that team WW2DX has […]
[su_spacer] Ray W2RE operated SO2R remote from the World Class W1/Eastport Maine site. Preliminary results on […]
The RHR team spent the later part of 2016 finishing up the build in Eastport. Since […]