We have big plans for 2018! L. to R. Bobby KC2UPN, Ray W2RE, Rockwell WW1X, Lee […]
Three new features pushed to the console today here at RHR: A band scope with waterfall, […]
Why no F/B on 160m 4SQ in Summit?   Sitting 1200’ from the shack on a […]
New hardware at the 6300’ mountain in Haiti. The RHR team in mid November installed two […]
The RHR team in early November installed 160m 4/SQ. The results have been remarkable. Break pileup […]
New turnkey mega remote station on the ocean professionally built by the RemoteHamRadio and Hudson Valley […]
On a wet nasty day the RHR Team replaced the Yaesu rotor at the Summit location. […]
Nathan N4YDU operating as NR3X apparently won the 2017 Worked All Europe contest using the W1/Eastport […]
The RHR team installed a second 2X Array 3b-12l tribander. The stack will consist of 90/50′ […]
We never rest here at RHR. Always, thinking of ways to make things better. Here is […]