BandMaster 5

The BM-5 BandMaster V is a full featured unit that contains a universal band decoder and antenna switch controller. It features five communication channels. All channels are active simultaneously and provide data translation for your station accessories. In other words, if you are using an ICOM radio on the CI-V interface the BandMaster V will output 4-bit band data as well as RS-232 data in Yaesu or Kenwood format. In reverse, when using a radio on the RS-232 interface the BandMaster V will out 4-bit band data as well as an ICOM CI-V data stream.

BandMaster 3

The Bandmaster III universal band decoder is a highly integrated unit that not only decodes band information using YAESU “band data”, but can sense band information for all bands from 160M through 6M, including 160M, separate 80M and 75M, 60M, WARC bands and 6M by monitoring CAT data going to and from the radio. The Bandmaster III also contains all circuitry for level conversion thus eliminating the need for a separate CAT radio interface.