Author: Bobby

Critter attack

Why no F/B on 160m 4SQ in Summit?


Sitting 1200’ from the shack on a 2200’ ridge sits the 4/sq in Summit. This means a long run of control cable for critters to chew.


Squirrels like control cable, we found this out in early December while doing site maintenance. Multiple splices were required to make the 160m Array happy again. Bobby KC2UPN making the repairs.


New hardware at the 6300’ mountain in Haiti. The RHR team in mid November installed two new antennas and extra batteries to the solar setup. The top antenna is beaming EU and bottom toward USA/JA. The pileup’s are endless! Be on the other side of DX or operate from the Caribbean low power in a contest and have a blast! Additional upgrades are scheduled in coming months. Stay tuned!


Operating a Contest on RHR

Nathan N4YDU operating as NR3X apparently won the 2017 Worked All Europe contest using the W1/Eastport station from the USA, this is preliminary results on 3830. Nathan operated from the comforts of his air-conditioned home in North Carolina while the station was 1000 miles away in Eastport, Maine. Nathan will be participating in the 2018 WRTC in Germany as a competitor, the past year he has been honing his skills using RHR. RemoteHamRadio makes it a level playing field, anyone in the USA can operate these stations and compete for a top spot. Here is quote from the World renown contester and Dx’er Jeff VY2ZM:


“First – Congrats to Nate N4YDU and to the RHR team for their fantastic station near Eastport, ME – in clear view of both CANADA and the Atlantic Ocean from the top of the rotating towers. This is the NEW WAVE of the future in a new form of “DX-Pedition Contesting” – where you do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home to experience the BEST OF THE BEST – and W2RE and WW2DX and their RHR team have only scratched the surface so far in their creation of this super station. Their plans for the future are bolder

WIFI Connection

We never rest here at RHR. Always, thinking of ways to make things better. Here is the latest news:

The RHR team has successfully installed a Ubiquity dish to access high speed internet from one site to the other. We are now shooting high speed internet from W2/Jefferson to W2/Summit. This will eventually open expansion at the W2/Summit site.



Dish Installed on W2/Summit tower @ 30′


Dish installed at W2/Jefferson