About WW2DX

Lee was licensed in 1987 at the age of 12, novice call was KB2CLQ. He has been active in the hobby for most of his ham career and has tried just about every thing there is to try in the hobby. Lee is very active DXing, Contesting, DXpeditioning and EME from around the world, S9, OY, FJ, HH, CY9, TF, VP2E, IT9.

Lee’s background is in network infrastructure, security and business. Working for companies like Xerox, BBN, GTE Internetworking and Genuity. In early 2001 he started with a startup company called Glance Networks which was an early pioneer in screen sharing technology. Since then Lee has started a number of entrepreneurial companies in real-estate and network security consulting. Today his passion is to help reinvent the future of Amateur Radio.