About W2RE

Ray was licensed in 1987 as KB2FHL at the age of 22. He now holds the call sign (W2RE). Ray has been active during this time chasing DX and contesting, and he has many accomplishments in SOA category including some #1 USA top scores in CQWW and ARRLDX SSB. He is also representing the W2 call area in the 2014 WRTC Championship competition.

In 2010 he built a world-class contest station in the Catskill Mountains (NNY). This station is built on a 2100’ mountaintop with incredible take-off in all directions, and today it is on the PremiumDX service for others to enjoy.

Ray also is the co-founder of Hudson Valley Towers Inc, a successful tower/antenna business where he and his partner built over 75 stations in the northeast USA between 2008 and 2012. They decided to close the tower shop to start the revolutionary RemoteHamRadio service. Ray knows towers and antennas – he has been experimenting for many years to find the right combination to make his own stations click, and now he provides his knowledge for others to enjoy on the RHR network.