Well that was unexpected. My pre-contest optimistic goal was 3400 Q’s. This score is over the current USA record held by KC3R from 2015, but I do not expect it to hold after log check. Location, location, location! The RHR station in Eastport, ME continues to impress. I felt like Superman on all bands, all the time. Almost all of the 40m Q’s were done with the 2 element yagi, and boy does that thing play! The high 3 element would have been marginally louder, but with 20m so good all night it made sense to use the big stack on the 20m radio. A whole bunch of EU on 80m with big signals even through the May static crashes. A guy could get used to operating from Maine, that’s for sure! Big time thanks to Ray and the RHR guys for their support and enthusiasm. Without a remote setup, I wouldn’t be on the air much at all. The RHR system worked beautifully once again also. Looking forward to seeing what they have planned for the future! Remote operating is here to stay, and RHR is at the front of the pack. Missed the EI5 mult. It was nice to go out to dinner with my family immediately after the contest also. One nice thing about a May contest is that no heater is required in the garage. Those winter contests are pretty brutal in Montana even with a heater going! Lots and lots of cool DX worked at all hours. The polar path was outstanding! Man, I love that stuff. 2BSIQ is hard with serial numbers. I was very aware of timing issues with serial numbers and two runs going. I counted *ZERO* times someone tried to CQ on my frequency during a couple of seconds of dead air. I DID have a huge problem with guys plopping down and CQing while receiving to a very weak station send their report. Normal SO2R search and pounce sure seemed easy compared to dual running at least. Congratulations to the big scorers. It looks like several records were broken all over, even with where we are in the sunspot cycle. Very cool. Also congrats to Kevin, N5DX, for another big remote score. The competition really keeps it exciting! Thanks for all of the Q’s, and we’ll see you in July! -Chris KL9A



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