Nate N4YDU a 2014 and future 2018 WRTC competitor operated the W1/Eastport Maine station from his home in North Carolina. Here is quote from his experience:
“I had the pleasure of a full blown SO2R contest operation through RHR this past weekend and absolutely loved it. I had zero problems and it felt just like home but with better antennas and an amazing QTH. It was absolutely awesome”.


Not only did Nate enjoy his experience operating the remote station in Maine but from preliminary results posted on 3830, it looks like a #1 USA finish in the very competitive SO/HP category! Here is Nate’s 3830 post:


In the Photo is Nate’s operating position from his home in N.C. while participating in the WPX contest using the W1/Eastport, ME station. The radio’s are Elecraft K3/0’s and SO2R box (MK2R) in the center to control left and right radio.


N4YDU (NR3X) Final score

The W1/Eastport Stacks in Maine that he controlled and operated from North Carolina.





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