The RHR team poured concrete bases and anchors for the first two rotating towers.

Ray W2RE and Cal W1IZL get form into place and leveled.

DJI_0009 (1)Two concrete trucks on site with backhoe.

 DJI_0019Pouring concrete into form. Notice the rebar cage.

DJI_0025View of the Bay of Fundy and Atlantic ocean from property.

13880411_1825027794392379_7424478905552477505_nRay W2RE and Cal W1IZL give thumbs up!

13654239_1825027814392377_5144869350089043029_n    Bobby KC2UPN taking the wood form apart for backfill.

13669141_1825027864392372_5779652783997220297_nRay W2RE in front of finished product with 100’ tower in the background.



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