Its important to the RHR team to have station uptime and we strive to keep things running 24/7 but occasional we will have a hiccup.  On the morning of March 28th during the VK0EK operation, we noticed the amp tripping on 15M in W2/Summit with SWR over 2.0. The RHR quickly disabled the 15M band and went into action. Its now 8am, the RHR crew, Ray W2RE and Bobby KC2UPN trek the 105 mile ride to the Catskill Mountains, after fueling up and grabbing breakfast. At about 11am the team arrives and accesses the situation and quickly puts a plan together, after 15 minutes of testing they decide the issue is on the tower. Its now 11:30am with 40F temp and blowing misty rain, but no time is wasted as Ray W2RE gets to 60’ and starts testing each mono-bander with analyzer. After testing each antenna the problem is with the 5EL 15M @ 105’, its showing 2.0 SWR through the 15M band and dipping 1.1 @ 20.3 mhz. Ray reaches the 15M yagi as seen in photo in 20mph winds and blowing rain, he realizes the issue is with the 15M phasing lines on the Cuschraft XM155, the lines are touching each other. After, adjusting the insulator spreader he re-tests the antenna and the SWR is now 1.1 @ 21.200. Its now noon time and we can enable 15M back on Summit. By the time he is off the tower, operators are back on 15m chasing the VK0.



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