On February 24th the Northeast experienced a violent storm that road the east coast creating high winds and T-storms. The Hudson Valley took the brunt of this front, with winds recorded over 70mph in Dutchess County, NY. The W2/Blueberry site sits at 1200’ asl with incredible drop off to the south and west which is wide open to the normal weather pattern here in NY. The site experienced winds during the storm in excess of 80mph.


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With no time to waste, at 7:30AM Ray(W2RE) climbed the tower and attached rope half way up the mast (no kinks in mast). He pulled the rope to a tree 300’ away with come a long with the help from Bobby KC2UPN and Lori KB2HZI.

Pic 2


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At this point we salvaged the 1028 mast, the winds are now picking up as the sun comes up over the horizon.  Ray, quickly aligns the yagis.


Pic 3


A few days later while the weather was warmer, Ray W2RE lowered the mast 2’ in the tower to relieve the stress point of the 1028 mast. Here he is working on taking rotor out to lower mast.


Footage of the mast after the repair



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