You asked and we delivered.

We have received endless emails from operators with the same questions.

“Your PremiumDX service is really awesome, but I really don’t need big stations. I just need access to a modest site. Do you have anything for me?”

“PremiumDX is outside my budget – are there any other less expensive options?”

WebDX is the answer to both of these situations. We are very proud to deliver a service where operators can access modest sites starting from $0.15 per minute with no annual membership fee. The one-time signup fee enrolls you into WebDX,  and after that you simply pay for the time you are on the air.

Because there is no hardware setup, you will literally be on the air within minutes. Again, there’s no hardware to purchase, and no software to download and install. You simply log in with a Google Chrome web browser and you can operate both CW and SSB from anywhere.

  • 100


    • Pay as you go
    • No yearly membership fee
    • Access to all WebDX Stations
    • Economic signup fee
    • No hardware or software required
    • On the air within minutes
    • Access sites with K3!


    One-Time Setup Fee

Get on the air today!