Windows COM Port Setup

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Step 1: Good practice is to open the windows “Device Manager” this will show you what com ports already exist BEFORE you plug in your DXmate. As you can see from this example, COM14, COM9 and COM1 exist on this PC.



Step 2: Now we will plug the DXmate into the PC. You now see two new COM ports, COM16 and COM17. Your COM ports may have different numbers.

DXmate Plugged in Comports

Step 3: Make a note of the first COM port number, in this example this will be COM16. Next open the RHR-Helper-App.

Comports in RHR-Helper1

Step 4: Select your COM port in the “DXmate Serial Port drop down menu.

You should be able to plug in your paddle to the PDL jack and hear your sidetone.

1st comport selected