Using the built in WinKeyer function in the RRC

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The RRC-1258 offers a emulated “winkeyer” integration. This is useful for using software to key the remote transmitter when using software like N1MM and logging programs.


1. K3/0/10/100-Mini

2. RRC-1258

3. You will need the USB cable supplied with the RRC which connects from your local PC to the micro USB connector immedietly below the GREEN power LED on the front of your RRC.

4. Set the WinKey emulation in the RRC’s “Serial Setting” config page.

Set the “COM3” mode to “Mode 8 Winkeyer” and apply the settings.

5. Select the Virtual COMFSK port from your device manager status. In this case, COM4 labeled “COMExtra” will be the WinKeyer virtual keyer port.