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WSJT Digital Modes with WebDX on Windows

This document will layout the process to operate WSJT (and in theory any digital mode) using WebDX ONLY.

What can I do with WSJT?

Weak Signal Joe Taylor (WSJT) is software written by Nobel Prize recipient K1JT designed to decode extremely weak (-30db below the noise) signals. There are a number of “modes” that are designed for different types of propagation.

FT8 – 15 second sequences – This mode has basically “taken” over the ham bands.

JT65A – 60 second sequences – This mode is very popular on HF, 6M and EME for long distance contacts.

MSK144 – New high speed meteor scatter – Very popular and very effective real time 6M meteor scatter, good up to 1500 miles.

  • Change log:
    • 5/14/17 – Corrected the Audio Level setting for WSJT-X, should be 30db not 0 (WSJT10).
    • 9/21/18 – Added enabled ability to listen to AF when TXing using VAC’s
    • 3/5/2019 – Updated doc for FT8



Known Issues:

1. No CAT Control (work in progress) Possibly a F/H problem.

  1. Install Virtual Audio Cables

Once you have your purchased version of the software (which they email you a download link after purchase) you must install the software. Once installed, run the Virtual Audio Cable Control Panel.

a. Create 2 cables.

Cable 1 (Highlighted in blue).

Cable 2 (highlighted in blue)

Make sure all the settings match, the 2nd cable has Mic and Line selected.

2. Windows playback devices. Right click on the speaker in your task bar (down by the clock) and select “Playback Devices”.

Set the “Line 1” device as the “default device” by selecting the device and then clicking the “Set Default” button at the bottom. Once set you will see the GREEN check mark.

Listen to AF while TXing  – Open control panel (right click start, click on “Run”, type “control panel”, click “OK”),  in control panel click on “Sound”, click on the “Recording” tab on top, select “Line 1” (Virtual Audio Cable), click on “Properties”,  select the “Listen” tab on top, select the checkmark “Listen to this device” and set the “Playback through this device” to your speakers or playback device ….

4. Install Thinking man NTP time sync tool.

5. Open WSJT-x.

a. First thing once you open is to set your callsign and grid square. Remember that when operating RHR that you will have to change the GRID when connection to different stations. You may at times need to change the callsign, HH2AA FK93 for instance from Haiti.

b. Lets set the Radio tab settings. VOX method needs to be set. You will also want to set Rig to NONE.

c. Lets set the audio devices.

d. When you hit OK you will be presented with the WSJT operating screen. Make sure the mode is set to JT65.

6. Set WebDX Audio Devices:

You may experience “Skewed” signals in the pan adapter and poor decodes. Here are a few examples of what that will look like.

If you experience this, check the “Use Compatibility Mode” in the audio setup tool. Your signals not should look more normal.

7. Connect to a RHR site. Here are a few things you should do once connected.

  • Set CMP (compression) to 0 – You don’t want compression on TX.
  • Set Radio mode to USB
  • Open the BW to full 4Khz
  • Set AGC-F or AGC-OFF for full dynamic Range (When AGC-OFF is selected we cut the RX audio down by 50%)
  • Make sure NB/NR are off
  • Setting the RX audio level is important. You will want to adjust the RX volume and the audio slider in WSJT so the audio level is 30db with no signals present (See screenshot below).
  • Click the VOX badge which is located just below the BLUE POWER ON BUTTON, once you click it the badge will turn YELLOW showing that VOX is ENABLED.

8. At this point you should start to see traces in the panadapter and TX should be working as well!

9.  Logging with RHR Logger (Also useful for LOTW). When logging with the built in RHR Logger, above the “NOTES” field is a mode pull down menu. Pull this menu down and select “DATA” for the mode. When you enter contacts into he logger they will be uploaded as DATA and will match in LOTW. Also note the signal report is not used for log checking so you can simply leave this fields default 59. Here is a confirmed LOTW contact.

*** This is new territory, please report any bugs, corrections or additions to support so this article can be updated.