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EOL RemoteRig Support


As of July 1 2018, RHR will no longer support remote rig hardware. After that date all site side remoterig equipment will be removed from RHR sites. After that date K3/0/10/100/Mini’s will require the RHR Desktop App to connect to the RHR service.


Although the RRC was with RHR from the beginning the overall support time to both educate users, the cost and the incredibly complex configurations needed at the site ends the decision was made to remove and move forward with newer technologies.

What are my options if I have a RRC now?

We will be sending out bulletins showing the options that users have to migrate away from RRC based connections. Additionally the knowledge base will also be updated with the proper documentation.

If you have further questions you can email support@remotehamradio.com

73 and GL DX!

The RHR Team!