Mac OSX Com Port Setup

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Step 2: For the DXmate Serial Port setting, click Disabled to bring up the serial port selection menu.

Step 3: Select the serial device ending in “A” like the image below (Please note: Newer MacOS version may show as “DualRS232” – See Pic below)

Screenshot 2015-11-17 15.05.15


Step 4: Click the check mark to save the setting. The serial port indicator will change to connected in green. Green is good.

Plug your key paddle into the PDL jack on the DXmate. Your key will now generate a local sidetone. Adjust the keyer speed and sidetone frequency as desired.If you are using a straight key or an automatic keyer (for example, a Winkeyer), change the Keyer Mode to Straight Key or Bug. In this mode, the Speed setting is ignored.

Screenshot 2015-11-17 15.05.34