K3/0-Mini with no RRC! ( RHR Desktop App )

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Operators can now connect to RHR sites using just a K3/0-MIni with NO RRC REQUIRED.


1. Please download our new “RemoteHamRadio Desktop App”. This app will run on a PC and a Mac. Click the following link and the app will automatically download. This new app replaces the RHR-Helper-App Google Chrome Extention.



2. If you currenrtly have a RRC, disconnect the “Squid” cable that goes to the RRC from the back of the K3/0-Mini. With no USB or “Squid” cable connected, power on the K3/0-Mini and confirm the baud rate is set to 38400 then power the radio off.


3. Install and run the app. When you first run the app you will be prompted to login, use the same u/p for logging into the RHR console. Once the app is running PLUG in a USB cable from the K3/0-Mini to your PC/Mac.  You should get a pop up asking you to add a new device. Select K3/0-Mini and hit ok.
4. Optional – Check and make sure both the K3/0-Mini and the App settings are set to baud rate 38400.
OK congrats, the K30-mini is now setup.


5. Log into the RHR console.



6. Click the “Settings” pull down menu at the bottom of the station lest to open the “Setup Mic and Speakers” tool. Here you can select both “USB audio CODEC” for both Mic and Speakers. This will pipe all audio to the K3. Alternately, you can select any audio devices you like and just use the K3/0-mini for station control.


7. Select a station from the list on the left side of the screen. Also make sure the BLUE power on button is set to “Power On” and not any other option.
8. You DO NOT need to click the BLUE POWER ON button in the console. Simply select the station you want to operate and POWER ON THE K3/0-MINI using the POWER button on the K3/0-Mini.


9. Go work some DX!


10. Simply power off the K3/0-mini from either the K3 itself or from the console.
You can also plug your paddle, key or PTT into the back of the K3/0-mini. There are CW controls built into the RHR App.


11. If you experience no PTT with the Mic or PTT jack on the back of the K3/0-Mini, you must install the latest FTDI drivers, you can do this directly in the RHR App. Click the three vertical dots at the top right of the App screen and select “Install FTDI Drivers”.

*** ON WINDOWS – You may need to open the RHR Desktop App as “RUN AS ADMIN” option by right-clicking the icon on the desktop.
You will need to reboot the PC/Mac.


There are a number of circumstances when things may not work properly. One of the most common is when the K3/0-Mini’s USB cable is unplugged from either the K3 itself or from the PC end WHILE the RHR App is running. You may also see a situation when the K3’s display is simply “Blank”. If your Mini+RHR App connection becomes unusable or you may be seeing the WAIT_ _ _ message try these steps.


  1. Open the RHR app.
  2. Expand the K3 device
  3. At the bottom there is a RED REMOVE, click “REMOVE”.
  4. Close the RHR Desktop App.
  5. Unplug the USB cable from the side of the K3/0-Mini.
  6. Open the RHR Desktop App.
  7.  Plug the USB cable back into the mini, you should be prompted that the app has found a dxmate or K3, choose K3.
  8. Select a site in the console and power on the K3.This should resolve 99% of the issues.
Please report and problems, successes and general feedback to support@remotehamradio.com Thanks!