Connect a K3/0/10/100 WITHOUT a Remoterig

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As of July 2017, the requirement to connect to RHR with a RF based K3 no longer requires the RemoteRig (RRC) interface. This KB article will walk you through connecting a K3/0/10/100  to RHR without the need for a RRC. The end result is allowing your K3 to control the RHR site K3 (VFO control, band change, mode change, etc) while using the extremely efficient and low latency WebDX technology for audio.



  • Elecraft K3/0/10/100 (Baud rate set to 38400)
  • Mac or PC
  • RHR Desktop App
  • FTDI based USB to Serial Adapter (DB9)
  • Google Chrome Web Browser
  • Optional: DXmate (Only needed for local hardware CW key/Paddle/PTT)


Operate RHR with your K3/0/10/100 for a local “mirror” of the site K3. You can control every aspect of the site K3 but with the following limitations:

  1. No MENU access
  2. No CW DVR memory recording (Use WebDX Macros)

Operation with SSB/CW/Digital would be performed using browser based WebDX. This setup makes for a very simple and clean operating experience.

Getting Started:

  1. Log into RHR console.
  2. Open the RHR Desktop App
  3. Plug in the FTDI USB to Serial Adapter
    1. You may be prompted from the RHR App that a new device was found.
      1. If you are successful in receiving the pop up, simply select “K3”
      2. If no pop up is detected, click the GREEN + sign at the top right of the app and select K3/0/10/100/Mini
      3. Click on the device in the RHR App to expand the device.
      4. Select the COM port that was assigned to the USB device. Please note: You may need to open your operating systems “device manager” to see what com port was assigned to the K3.
  4. You’re done adding the K3!
  5. From inside the RHR console, simple select a station as normal and POWER ON the K3 itself, you DO NOT power on from the console..After a few seconds you will connect and your K3 will be connected to the remote site.
  6. To disconnect, simply POWER OFF the K3.
  7. If you want to add Straight Key/Paddle support you will need a DXmate.
  8. Good DXing!



There are a number of circumstances when things may not work properly. One of the most common is when the K3’s USB cable is unplugged from either the K3 itself or from the PC end WHILE the RHR App is running. This will cause a number of issues. If your K3+RHR App connection becomes unusable or you may be seeing the WAIT_ _ _ message try these steps.


  1. Open the RHR app.
  2. Expand the K3 device
  3. At the bottom there is a RED REMOVE, click “REMOVE”.
  4. Close the RHR Desktop App.
  5. Unplug the USB cable from the PC.
  6. Open the RHR Desktop App.
  7. Plug the USB cable back into the PC, you should be prompted that the app has found a dxmate or K3, choose K3.
  8. Select a site in the console and power on the K3.This should resolve 99% of the issues.