I Want to use a K3/0/10/100 with Remoterig, What do I need? (Not for K3/0-Mini)

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Here is the list you need to get on the RHR network from Elecraft.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning on using a K3/0-Mini then simply watch this video:


List for K3/10/100 ( A K3 with a RF Deck):

1 x RRIGCON  RemoteRig 1258MKII Control Unit Only*
RRIGCON is provided without a power supply by the manufacturer.
If an external power supply is required, please add PWR12V1A-US (External Power Supply) to your order.    $289.95

And the cable kit to go between the K3 and the RemoteRig.

1 x RRK3CBL             Cable set for Control K3 to Control RemoteRig 1258MKII.    49.95

Mention RemoteHamRadio when you do the order.