How do I Find My RRC’s IP Address?

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There are a couple of ways to find the IP address assigned to the RRC.

Note: By default (out of the package from Elecraft) the RRC has a local STATIC IP address of

  1. If using a windows computer, you can use the Microbit Setup Utlity.
    1. Download and install the utlity.
    2. Plug in a USB cable from your local PC to the mini-USB connector located directly below the “GREEN” power LED on the front of the RRC.
    3. The Microbit Manager will connect to the RRC and display a series of “Tabs” one of which will be labeled “Network”. On this tab will deplay the network information of the RRC.
  2. Local Router DHCP lease table
    1. If the RRC is configured for DHCP on the local LAN, most local routers show a table of “devices” on the local network and their corrosponding IP addresses.
      1. Log into your local router
      2. Look for DHCP table or “Clients” or “Hosts”
      3. the RRC ttypically shows up as “unamed” or “unknown” and sometimes the hexidecimal MAC address.
      4. You may have to manually test a few IP’s by plugging them into your browser and see if you acccess the buitl in Web Server in the RRC.