How Do I Connect To a Station With My K3 & RRC?

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At this point you have already followed the previous KB articles on configuring your RRC and K3 to be ready to connect to the RHR network. This article will explain the final steps to actually make the connection.

1. Find your RRC’s LOCAL IP address. This will be something like or or something similiar.

2. Log into the RHR console.

3. Enter the RRC’s local IP address into the web console.



4.Click “OK” to save the setting.

5. Now, simply select an available station in the console.

6. Select “Power on (with K3)” from the Power on Menu. (This selection will be remembered for future connections)

7. You will now get a pop up that informs you to power on the K3. You will have 10 seconds to power on the K3 before the session “times out”. If you get the timeout message you will have to repeat step 6 again.


At this point you should be now connected to the station of your choice and the K3 should work as expected.

When you are done with your operating, simply POWER OFF the K3 to diconnect from the site, there is nothing further to do.

Simply repeat steps 5-7 to connect to another station.

Happy DXing!