Digital Modes (JT65) Same for all Digital Modes (FT8)

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Think of the DXmate as a “Radio”. The radio has a Mic input, a speaker out and a PTT. When you want to use digital modes with the DXmate you have to treat it the same way as you would a traditional radio. You will feed audio from your sound device to the mic input and you will take the audio form the headphones/speaker and feed that into your computer’s input for decoding. For PTT you have a couple of options.

1. If your external sound card device like a TimeWave Navigator or possibly a Signalink with built in VOX PTT will close the PTT line for TX.

2. Another option is configuring the software for CAT PTT. The digital software will send the K3 the serial command to place the transmitter into PTT.

We have made a number of JT65 contacts using the DXmate and a TimeWave Navigator sound card unit. The cable set for the TimeWave was the cable kit for the Elecraft K3/0-MINI.