Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

  • Is this a software-based service using Skype?
    Who would benefit from subscribing to this service?
    Why is there a membership fee?
    Is RHR cost-effective compared to building my own station?
    Does RHR offer equipment leasing if I want to operate with a K3/0?
    What is next for RHR?
    What about rig control and logging software?
    Do remote contacts count for DXCC credit?
    Do you provide technical support?
    Wow! This sounds amazing, how do I sign up?
  • What is the purpose of RemoteHamRadio.com?
    Why should I join RHR?
    Why did you start this service?
    Is this legal?
    Can I travel with my RHR K3/0?
    Who is RemoteHamRadio.com?
    What are the per minute charges?
    Can I use contest logging software like N1MM and Win-Test?
    How do I operate legally and ethically using a remote station?
    Have any third parties reviewed your service?