The RHR team in the month of June started the process of building the first 6M EME H-frame array on
The RHR team made repairs to a broken Force 12 2EL 40M antenna at the W2/Blueberry site. This antenna sits
Just a K3/0-mini plugged directly into any PC! Eliminating the RRC (remoterig) makes this a very flexible solution and

Nate N4YDU a 2014 and future 2018 WRTC competitor operated the W1/Eastport Maine station from his home in North Carolina.
The RemoteHamRadio Team had a visit from three radio amateurs in late May for a tour of the stations. The

Hurricane Matthew took out the island of Haiti on October 9, 2016. It took several months to get

We are located at 54 East Main St. Pawling, NY.

We are open 9am – 4pm.

The RHR team is very happy to announce from preliminary 3830 results that team WW2DX has won the


The RHR team spent the later part of 2016 finishing up the build in