New 40M antenna installed. Video of the install with GoPro

Well that was unexpected. My pre-contest optimistic goal was 3400

On May 12th the Taconic site in Putnam County encountered a Macro-burst and an EF2 Tornado in the area producing 100/mph winds

The RHR team in mid May added three new antennas in Summit. We replaced the old with new GXP antennas.

The RHR team is happy to announce the new 8/8/8/8 Innov 6M stack @ 105/80/55/30 on R55 Rotating towers is

The RHR team installed a custom built 8877 tube 160M amp by QROKing (W1QJ) for the 4/SQ sitting 300m from

The Northeast USA was whacked by three consecutive Nor’easter storms that destroyed the M2 Rotor at the Calais site.

Ray W2RE apparently won the USA SOA High Power by posed raw scores data published. Not only did he with

The RemoteHamRadio team is happy to announce that significant upgrades on WARC and 40M have been achieved at the site.

2014 WRTC Champion Chris KL9A (KM7W) operated the W1/Eastport Maine station in the 2017 ARRL DX CW contest. He apparently