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    Concrete pour in W1/Eastport July 27, 2016

    The RHR team poured concrete bases and anchors for the first two rotating towers. Ray W2RE and Cal W1IZL get form into place and leveled. Two concrete trucks on site with backhoe.  Pouring concrete into form. Notice the rebar cage. View of the Bay of Fundy and Atlantic ocean from property. Ray W2RE and Cal […]

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    Phase #2 in Eastport, ME

    The RHR team is now starting phase #2 in Eastport, ME. They surveyed the property for the first two rotating towers and marked the ground for placement of bases and anchors. The RHR team has over 600’ of Rohn 55 and 45 staged on the location for implementation. Ray W2RE in front of 300’ R55. […]

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    W1/Eastport and W1/Calais

    In April a storm ripped through the Northeast corner of Maine with winds in excess of 70mph. At both sites we encountered minor damage but nothing serious. This meant a scheduled trip to Maine was in order, on May 13th the RHR team traveled to the great state of Maine to do a realignment of […]

  • Repair in wind and rain!

    Its important to the RHR team to have station uptime and we strive to keep things running 24/7 but occasional we will have a hiccup.  On the morning of March 28th during the VK0EK operation, we noticed the amp tripping on 15M in W2/Summit with SWR over 2.0. The RHR quickly disabled the 15M band […]

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    What A Mess

    On February 24th the Northeast experienced a violent storm that road the east coast creating high winds and T-storms. The Hudson Valley took the brunt of this front, with winds recorded over 70mph in Dutchess County, NY. The W2/Blueberry site sits at 1200’ asl with incredible drop off to the south and west which is […]

  • Tree

    Tree Maintenance

    In W2/Monticello we noticed the reflector on the Force 12 was getting close to touching a tree branch @ 60’. Ray W2RE and Bobby KC2UPN (shown) used a launcher to get over the branch. Using rope and come-a-long to break the tree branches. The Force 12 XR5T is now turning without any issues! 

  • The RHR team in action!

    On Jan 26th, Ray W2RE replaced a balun on a M2 3 element 40M yagi in 30mph winds in W2/Summit.

  • 80M 4 Square

    80M Four Square W1/Eastport

    On Dec 13th the RHR team installed a quick and dirty 4SQ array in W1/Eastport for the low band DX season. This antenna really works great!

  • New Antennas at W2/Quaker

    The RHR team built and installed two new antennas in W2/Quaker. We installed a 2el 30/40M combo and multi band 4el yagi for 10/12/15/17/20. As shown the RHR team used a 80’ genie man-lift for the install.