Author: Bobby

6M EME H-Frame install

The RHR team in the month of June started the process of building the first 6M EME H-frame array on the RHR network. This will be located on a 2300’ in the Catskill Mountains. The H-Frame is from Directive Systems and will have (4) 6EL 6M arrays.


Here are a few pictures of the start and more to follow the day of the install.


Here is Ray W2RE relaxing after pouring 40 – 80/lb bags of concrete.



Finished Base in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. Two more sections will be added to accommodate the H-Frame.



Bobby KC2UPN building the Directive Systems 6 element antennas.


W2/Blueberry 40M repair

The RHR team made repairs to a broken Force 12 2EL 40M antenna at the W2/Blueberry site. This antenna sits 12’ above a WARC antenna on 20’ mast, the repair was done @ 80’ on the tower. The rivets holding the element plate to boom became loose which caused the balun pigtails to break.
Here is a video of the problem:



The 40M and WARC antenna flipped vertically to reach balun on 40M.


Balun pigtails broken from the loose rivets on the element plate causing the twisting movement.